Ask Me About !
(I've read books and experimented in the feild, I am Expert™)

@Wewereseeds *sits cross-legged, starry-eyed, wanting to hear all the stories*

@bedap well, there was that time i went to a private kink party, that time my partner helped me land what should have been a one night stand at a public kink party, that time what should have been a one night stand turned into my first 4-some, that time i broke up with someone because i was too monogamous and then -he- hit -me- up and i needed it to be poly and we've been together four years. Or that time i met my gf (also married) in a play because i saw her on stage and joined the company.

@Wewereseeds wow. That's a whole lot. In the best way. The last one is particularly cute ^_^

@bedap Or that time I have a threesome with two guys (HOLY WOW), or the cute relationship i have with my comet, where we occasionally blow through each others towns. Or that time poly saved me from an abusive relationship. Or the time i WAS AT AN ORGY. Or when I made a best friend at Poly Speed dating with the opening line 'black lives matter'. Or this thing i have with this one girl where we're friends and she's kinda dating Partner but I think she wants to play Smash with this Switch

@bedap i am a dramatic and easily distracted person. I basically bounce from one fascinating thing to another. I'm usually dating at least 2-3 people and sometimes an upwards of 6-7, so i always have some drama happening. It's just who i am

@Wewereseeds “play smash with this switch” is literally the best euphemism everyone else can go home

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