I wish 'girls' was on par with 'guys'. Let's just arbitrarily gender a group of people the other way for a bit. Just like, to feel it.

I do this sometimes with "ladies" but it doesn't usually go over well at all nope.

@Wewereseeds yes it's bizarre. I just naturally say 'guys' but if I said 'girls' to a bunch of males I'd get some strange looks. Language is weird.

@Funkpirata masculinity is far too fragile to let femme be the default. It would probably be the first and only time some men don't feel like a neutral person.

@Wewereseeds I also call just about everyone 'man' casually. I call my sister man, my auntie, hell I used to call my grandmother man. It's weird to think about. I just do it without thinking. A female person once cracked it at me saying 'im not a man'. It made me think of the kind of response calling her 'woman' would have generated. Frankly it's just way more convenient referring to everyone generally than having to remember everyone's names.

@Funkpirata may I suggest some more neutral terms to generally refer to grpups of people, so there is no issue with gendering people? Folks, friends, y'all, and comrades, most of these can also work in an individual setting

I still use 'guys' as plural for a mixed gender group.
I'm trying to shift towards things like 'Folks' and 'Y'all' but it's such a habit.

@Wayril @Wewereseeds this one took a bit of effort for me too, but was well worth it. I settle for a plain old "everyone" normally, if that helps. Hope it goes well!


I've liked "ladies", but I realize being Southern means I've gotten around "guys" since I'll always just say "ya'll" since I find it much more fun to say.

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