I wanna see a city-wide rent strike until every human being has proper housing

I wanna see massive tax resistance until those dollars are going to mental healthcare and schools and hospitals instead of police

I wanna see work stoppages until we all have universal healthcare.

I wanna see us block up the roads completely and grind shit to a halt until all families are reunified.

I wanna see thousands of us storm the halls of Congress and hold real elections

We have so much power than it feels

Been thinking about Go's principles of sente and gote in a political context... how much easier it is for those in power for us to constantly be on defense - always processing and responding.

Been trying to focus on large, achievable, regional goals and the power we can exert en masse when we are well organized.

What are your largest goals for making a better world?

What strategies and tactics will get us there?

Excellent Intercepted podcast with Charlene Carruthers from BYP 100 discussing the recent conviction of Jason Van Dyke and the wider movement for police / prison abolition.


Incredible musical guests, solid analysis, unapologetic journalistic integrity.

❤️ ✊

All the documentation and stability around updates has made me very fucking happy. I've tried to keep organizing.social quite up to date and every time I've upgraded, it has gone really bloody smoothly.

The docs are clutch there:

Thanks to all the devs out there who have made this such a solid, functional project.

Now on v2.5.1!

Lol when you go outside and it's like properly sunny and you're kinda recoiling like a vampire and frantically trying to shield your eyes and wondering why the fuck you left your cap back at home

I'm not a work-from-home semi-hermit programmer of the pacific northwest. Def not, no

It burns us

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"AI took my job!" Show more

employees and activists force google out of bidding for US military project. Make no mistake this was engineers writing letters, refusing to work these projects, clear pressure from outside.

jfc, the world's biggest empire is double-speak dubbing this project JEDI.

When we organize effectively, we win. Period.


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I have a Patreon where I am writing art criticisms and sharing bits of my research. I also document my artistic practice through here along with #FreshCuts aka BTS of my film work.

Check it out

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My Patreon is officially up and I currently have a community goal set at 20 patrons. Once I've reached 20 patrons, I can focus on putting together the Heaux History video series I've been working on with an episode released each week.

Tonight is my first live stream. I'll be answering questions and speaking about current law/legislation, how it directly affects sex workers, and the policing of Black bodies....

Also, every time I look up some shit about Marxism I am increasingly suspicious that this jargon is made up by sassy leftists trying to confuse basically everyone

exhibit A: meriam webster... uses term within definition. Fuckin shenanigans

exhibit B: wikipedia... wtf does any of that even mean?! I went to college (even almost graduated) and have read some books (some of which I even almost finished). But WAT?!

I call bullshit.

lol, many years ago (~7 I think?) I interviewed with google. I was enamored at the time about working at the tech giant of search and email. Impostor syndrome abounding. was actually so disappointed in the interview; was quizzy, unnecessarily stressful, more of a frat boy CS contest than a meaningful interview, no talk about background

They just called me asking if I was still in engineering and interested in chatting

lol all that data and so little insight

No. no, google
Also stop being evil

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Hello, good morning!
Here's the behind the scenes video on the series of films I dp'ed at the V&A museum with the poet Victoria Bulley!

#film #poetry #britishhistory #slavery


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So, because the US is a horror show of injustice, we currently have asylum seekers locked up in Sheridan - cleared for release, but need bond to get out.

This is straight-up ransom, plain and simple. Help us get these men OUT, and help us end this unconscionable system.

Donation link:

This comes from Innovation Law Lab (see here: facebook.com/innovationlawlab/ )

Art - drawing from one of ILL's clients detained at Sheridan

1) the food at DC vegetarian in is delicious

2) all of said food is mother fucking vegetarian (w00t!)

3) this website is everything:

SSL? fuck you. reasonable stylesheets? not a goddamn chance. Javascript? why in the world would we do that? spectacular cat gif on the header? We got you.

When nice new friends invite me to places I've never been with presumably ppl I've never met...

My brain processing the details:


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