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I think hotels are the last place on earth where cable TV is still a thing. Goddamn it's been a while cause I flipped on a Karate Kid marathon on BBC America and I forgot how aggressively fucking terrible all commercials are.

Like, here's 5 mins of your movie, and then 10 mins of purely awful invasiveness that u will either become numb to or will just slowly make you hate everything.

Lol, fuckin cable TV. Die in a fire.
We have netflix and DVDs and the internet and shit.


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Seriously though, john Cusack in high fidelity deeply deserves to die alone

Wait wait wait... onto the critical question... is this Michael Cohen or John Cusack in High Fidelity Election Crimes?

I actually dunno if I can decide who is more of a douchebag.

You won't hear this abolitionist valorizing Mueller, but goddamn, I'm not sad.

Lol dude was literally like: "yeah, lied my ass off. Trump totes paid me to shut her up and clearly influence the election. Campaign finance law? What? It's not like I'm a lawye... umm; I plead the fourth"

Btw, this piece of shit Rod Underhill is Multnomah County's DA. Besides never charging coos for their violent and excessive force, Underhill has also been collaborating with ICE despite his statements and sanctuary city status in Portland and Oregon.

Replacing a DA isnt the ultimate solution, but we need unaccountable two-faced prosecutor trash like Underhill the fuck out of these incredibly powerful positions

* paying attention *

"This win should shift the ground under the feet of every prosecuting attorney in America. Ferguson has been one of the biggest flash points of the modern civil rights movement. And the movement just delivered a coordinated, effective political response in that St. Louis suburb, showing prosecutors around the country that it’s no longer safe to assume they can protect police without answering for it at the ballot box later."

I am glad engineers are speaking out against Google's sketchy policies, but we need more than letters when it comes to follow up...

I remember a similar situation recently (and what got me to drop Google after 15 yrs):

4k workers make demands about horrible policies, 12 ppl quit when Google does nothing to address?

Naw, fuck your letter. Leak shit, quit ur job, raise hell.

A letter means nothing if you keep workin while nothing changes

Hey all! It's absolutely that time of the week again. If you're in Portland, come out tonight for some mellow games of Go / food / drinks / good company.

7pm tonight (08/16), Delta Cafe (4607 SE Woodstock Blvd)

Meetup link:

3000 year old game, more possible states than there are atoms in the universe, takes 5 minutes to learn, and a lifetime to discover more of its possibilities.

No big deal :P
Come play my nerd comrades!!!

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reminder that TERF stands for trans exclusionary reactionary fuckwit because there's nothing radical or feminist about being a transphobe

CW for film (def graphic and tragic images / video). This is how white supremacists should be covered in media. Not by giving a platform with no conatraints; not by softening their ideologies with terms like "alt-right"; not by sensationalizing or failing to give context and structure.

Excellent fucking journalism here. The neo-nazis covered here were exposed, lost jobs, anonymity, and this serves as an actual deterrent.

This is a heavy but critical documentary

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Dear MSM. Heather Heyer was not "killed at an Alt-Right rally." She was MURDERED by a white supremacist at a WHITE SUPREMACIST RALLY. PLEASE FUCKING GET IT RIGHT.

Yay! Rain in . Pour!

Water is life

AHHH, cannot recommend this artist enough. This music is pure beauty. Pay what you can, but please support this amazing human being. This rad individual does incredible movement work with local Filipino human rights groups (PCHRP, GABRIELA, etc).

Much love to BAYAN comrades.

Please enjoy this music and support these organizations:


<3 <3 <3

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hey so remember how I wanted a project gutenberg corpus with every plaintext file in an easy-to-use format?

well I wanted it so bad I guess that I went ahead and made it

Police brutality, graphic images, serious injuries Show more

Police brutality, graphic images, serious injuries Show more

Police brutality, graphic images, serious injuries Show more

Ahh, bad country music in the lyft. It burns, but I'd never say so. Please send halp / magics

Imperius curse is cool if it's for the greater good, right?