Goddamn this is so beautiful:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and with a gorgeous film about a grand vision of a future we can build together.

There is hope when we collectively make it so.

[Five years later, Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB), of which Gilmore is a board member, was formed to fight jail and prison construction. CURB quickly rose to prominence for its successful campaigns, which, at last count, have prevented over 140,000 new jail and prison beds (in a state where 200,000 are currently held in prisons and jails). CURB just recently succeeded in halting construction of a huge new women’s jail in LA County, in coordination with several local groups.]

Seeing articles about in publications like the NY Times makes me so fucking happy:


I used to be terrified about the notion of abolition. "But what about the people who commit X violent crime?"
But if one looks at recidivism, failing deterrence, the inhumanity of this system. Even from a pragmatic perspective, prisons do. not. work.

Incarceration is not accountability; we deserve a world w/o prisons and we will be so much safer when we are rid of them

AG William Barr is a monster, more unconscionable attacks against asylum seekers Show more

AG William Barr is a monster, more unconscionable attacks against asylees Show more

AG William Barr is a monster, more unconscionable attacks against asylum seekers Show more

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Currently MØ - Linking With You. This whole EP and this artist's discography is fucking stellar.


Thanks so much @setsuna for the amazing recommendation. Bumping this one full volume!

❤️ :flan_headphones:

Digital versions of some of her albums can be found at 7digital for purchase (to avoid itunes, spotify, etc)

Have been sad to miss the organizing this yr due to work, moving, illness, etc, but I will most assuredly be there the day of the event.

(May 1st) is International Workers Day!! It is a day to celebrate the victories of those who fought for 8-hour work day, minimum wage, and against child labor, gross exploitation, etc. It is also a day to steel ourselves for the work ahead. And there is so much work to do.

When: May 1st, 2019
Where: Holladay Park,

❤️ ✊

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Cops open the hood of their car like this to block dash cams. This is a signal to start filming.

Looking for music recommendations... Show more

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Anyone who says you have "no excuse" NOT to use #FreeSoftware is missing the point of how #Capitalism works. Companies like #Google exploit #FLOSS and the #Commons the same way Landlords exploited and stolen land from the commons. #BigTech lies, cheats, steals, and exploits to amass the resources to make awesome digital products. The FLOSS world simply can't compete with that. Support #SmallTech yes! But don't shame people who use Big Tech products.

#AntiCapitalism #NoShame #NotSorry

If you're thinking, gee, this is an older case, surely times have changed... they have absolutely not.


[The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to consider the appeals of two convicted Oklahoma County killers who say a study showing racial bias in Oklahoma's use of the death penalty warranted reconsideration of their death sentences.]

The 1983 Baldus Study, which analyzed almost 2,500 Georgia homicides established that Black defendants convicted of killing a white person were 11 times more likely to face the death penalty than the reverse scenario.

In the 1987 case McCleskey v. Kemp, the Supreme Court ruled this was irrelevant and McCleskey was executed.

This ruling remains as precedent

Fuck the Supreme Court. It is a thoroughly racist institution. Also the death penalty is unconscionable in so many ways

Hell yeah.


"Yemeni bodegas boycott New York Post over attacks on Ilhan Omar"

[The association represents Yemeni Americans who own and run an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 of New York City’s thousands of delis and corner stores, which are known as “bodegas”. Such stores are integral to the daily life of most New Yorkers, a crucial source of late-night snacks, morning coffee and newspapers and magazines.]

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I've managed to follow too many techies.

I need more ppl in my TL who are 100% down to lock arms, crank Les Mis to 11, and storm D.C with the fire of a supernova poised to burn out the evil that plagues this realm.

Follow recs welcome :)
Let's fuck shit up.

So fucking sick of seeing "racial tensions" as a wholly inaccurate and toothless substitute for racism. Amazing how all that "tension" comes from the white supremacist cracker of that equation.

Goddamn spineless corporate journalists. Yes, absolutely referring the NY Times and other publications right now.

Racism is racism.
Bad journalism is bad.

Trump, blatant criminality, moral depravity, riot worthy Show more

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Do you live in the NY/NJ area?

Are you interested in the basics of unionizing? Organizing your workplace? Or helping others to organize their workplaces?

The Central New Jersey IWW is holding an OT101 (Organizer Training 101) in a few weeks in New Brunswick. You can get there from NYC via NJ Transit.

Free of charge, registration required.

No cops, no bosses, no scabs— so DM me for details if you’re interested!

#IWW #OT101 #solidarity #solidarityforever #theunionmakesusstrong

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