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Twitter buys Smyte, a trust and safety SaaS that other sites was using, and shuts it down for everyone else immediately. As in, only half an hours notice.

So much for contracts, huh? You can't trust any of these companies to exist when you need them!

Publishing names, titles and photos of agents is not doxxing. It is the smallest possible shred of transparency and public accountability.

So... ppl are getting upset about some brilliantly timely scraping of public job site data when these people are literally stealing children from their parents and throwing them in cages?

Fuck right off.

Share this list; chase these state kidnappers the fuck off your block.


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Boosting @[email protected]:

***** U R G E N T E ***** “RAICES needs volunteer translators: "who speak Meso-American indigenous languages (eg, zapotec, nahua, ma'am, quich'e, maya, mixe, mixteco--not Spanish). Don't need to be in Texas, or even in the US. They can translate remotely." [email protected]

#zapotec #nahua #mam #quiche #maya #mixe #mixteco #mesoamerica

Lol. From the vice article

"There were even wooden cabinets someone had dragged from home and stocked neatly with first aid supplies and leftist literature, adding to the surreally homey feel of the festivities."

Haha, fine, , but more importantly, ! ✊ :D

"The scene at the makeshift encampment along the railroad tracks abutting the ICE facility was a communal and jovial one when I visited...

Kids frolicked about with parents in tow to hand out granola bars. A team with flashlights kept traffic flowing away from the swelling crowd that listened to speakers lit by a nearby candlelit vigil. A Spanish-language info tent had been erected to advise families who had appointments with ICE."

Demands contd...
* families reunited, released and provided support with legal costs, healthcare, etc
* human rights norms observed and respected

Probly the best journalism I've seen so far about the ICE occupation:

With so much shitty, corporate "news" out there, it means so much to see reporters do real fucking work and get it right.

Soulless faux-neutrality is not journalistic integrity.

Thanks to 's Jason Wilson for this piece

demands (summary):
* ICE facility removed from Portland
* US must stop detaining asylum seekers
* ICE shall be totally abolished


*clarification: ICE has shut down operations specifically at the Portland office.

has shut down operations indefinitely due to "security concerns". No agents attempted to enter building today and have also cancelled appointments for tomorrow. The facility is non-operational. Other cities are raising their banners and organizing similar actions.

Trump's executive order is bullshit and any media source claiming otherwise is fucking lying

We're here for abolition

Even Portland Police wont engage given political pressure

<3 internet archive.

Here's a csv file of agents. 1596 entries. Name, title, location, linkedin url:

These state terrorists don't get to remain anonymous. I hope they are refused service, cursed, and shamed everywhere they go. They will not rest.

The Trump admin has brought war to immigrants and our communities. We will not sit and do nothing. We are fucking fighting back

No big deal... just a ice cream truck helping us block the detention center while giving out free cones.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... abolishing fascistic govt agencies terrorizing families

Almost 1k strong last night. Word from that the effort is spreading. WE'RE NOT LEAVING

JOIN US! (In Portland or wherever you are)

4310 SW Macadam Ave

"Organizers of the protest want to send a clear message they not only oppose ICE’s policies, but believe the agency should be dissolved. A common phrase from the group is “nobody is illegal.”"

This is spreading. Just got word that will be joining with to occupy / disrupt

We're not here for a photo op. We're not here for insulting legislation. We are here to dismantle this horror of an agency.


The occupation / blockade at the facility in Portland, OR continues. As long as these horrific policies continue and those responsible are in power, we will fight like hell.

We are holding this space as long as possible and the authoritarian white supremacists who work here will not find peace.

Immigrants are welcome in our community. State terrorists who separate families are not.

Addr is:
4310 SW Macadam Ave

Get out here if you're in !

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After the chaos over #YouTube's inexplicable takedown and enforced monetisation, Blender is now testing its own #PeerTube instance:

#Alternatives #DeleteYouTube

Real resistance and solidarity is happening in Portland, OR right now.

As the Trump admin is kidnapping children and terrorizing families, we will do EVERYTHING we can to stop this.

Occupation of detention center in is happenimg NOW and is ongoing. SHUT. IT DOWN.

If a similar action is not beimg held near you, make it happen.

Portlanders, get tf doen to 4310 SW Macadam Ave if you can. Stat. We have ppl on the ground. We need bodies. We need support

This whole talk is really interesting, but this moment hit especially hard. Cantrill calls out the elephant in the room. Corporations with shit principles and horrible policies... executives do not act in a vacuum. There are fucking engineers implementing this.


Because there are coders with keyboards typing up gentrification for airbnb and destroying our privacy for fb and writing programs to drop drones and aid in deportations

Fuck. No.

If you are in the Portland area, get down to 4310 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239

Folks are gonna be there round 24/7 for the foreseeable future.

Come out and fight back with us! ICE is not fucking welcome here and we will do everything we can to resist these horrifying policies and hold those who have committed these crimes fiercely accountable.


cc/ @DivergentChicano @Kendall

Committed organizers and community members gathered tonight in Portland, OR for a vigil - recognizing the atrocities being committed to children and families seeking asylum and safe entry. It is unconscionable and we will not accept it. We will fight back.

An indefinite occupation has begun at the detention facility. Folks will be there round the clock, occupying the space and fight back against this authoritarian nightmare.

Our local community with not be silent amidst the utterly unconscionable policies of the Trump administration. As white supremacist deportation thugs tear apart families (at the border and across the country), we will fight the fuck back.

Ni una mas!
El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!