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w00t! Just got running on my main desktop - a way too shiny Ryzen 1700 cpu with an RX 580 graphics card; so psyched that such new hardware is supported (even if I had to be a little bold and hop to the 11.2-BETA3 release :)

Thanks so much jmd for this graphics driver work ( ) and of course to all the maintainers of this excellent OS.

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I see you got your terminal running. Don't really need anything else.

@hairylarry lol, I mighta been on board there (actually have always wanted an OS that was just full screen tmux + web browser / media viewer), lol but I had a hell of a time with tiny text in the console with a 4k monitor during install. Damn glad to have X / xfce making things both pretty as well as usable at this point

I know there's probly some path to lessening that tiny text during install pain, but ya know, sometimes one has to pick one's battles ;)


Just install with an old monitor.

I mostly run Xubuntu but I like to try different things mostly on older systems.


Yeah, Xubuntu is xfce which is one of the things I like about it.

Honestly, I think this is the best installation process I've ever been through. I really liked slackware's process, which is in a similar spirit. but omg, disk encryption, security preferences, etc; so easy without sacrificing flexibility

so beautiful I could cry.
pf, rctl, basic organization, stability.. like, this is everything using a computer should be.

and the docs! OMG.
Much love to as well which I just got rolling on a cloud box for a security-focused organizing project