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slackz @slackz

Real resistance and solidarity is happening in Portland, OR right now.

As the Trump admin is kidnapping children and terrorizing families, we will do EVERYTHING we can to stop this.

Occupation of detention center in is happenimg NOW and is ongoing. SHUT. IT DOWN.

If a similar action is not beimg held near you, make it happen.

Portlanders, get tf doen to 4310 SW Macadam Ave if you can. Stat. We have ppl on the ground. We need bodies. We need support

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@slackz there are not enough words to thank you for the empathy and humanity that you are showing to your nation and the world.

@maop as our government escalates its assault on the most vulnerable, the planet, and the globe, our resistance will escalate in turn.

Our solidarity knows no borders and we will fight like hell with you.

❤ ✊

Gonna be there this weekend? Can I bring y'all snacks?

@JakeKof thanks for that offer! Ppl love snacks. Plan is to occupy indefinitely so we should def have some presence this weekend, but feel free to hit me up if you're still going down and unsure