Listening to Democrats lose their shit over the supreme court nominee reaffirms a critical point for me... we need to be understanding and commiserate about what a horrible situation it is

But more importantly we need to show why this has happened, and will continue to happen, so long as a critical mass of people are principally concerned with appealing to, and working within, the system that ensures these conditions.

All branches of US govt are working as designed. Time to design different

@slackz Of course, anything that undermines pluralism will lead pretty quickly to breakup.

@slackz We need to start by approving ranked choice voting. The ancient bipartisan structure needs to go.

@rick_777 yeah, i definitely support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact ( Two-party bullshit was entrenched with electoral college and country's founding. You can bet a bunch or colonialist, slaveholding mass-murderers didn't want parties actually representing the people coming in to take power

So excited with Maine's progress on that front at least:

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