Yay! So psyched. Go stones just came. Been playing a lot online but this game is beautiful and it deserves a beautiful space to play in person.

These Yunzi stones were def an investment but they feel so worth it. Serious heft, gorgeous shade, brilliant overall feel. I fucking love this game and the attention to detail involved everywhere

@slackz you pics are distorted AF. Your go stones look like eggs. :p

@switch lol wat? Shows up fine on my end... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@switch lol how dare you go after my aspect ratio like that :P

@slackz did you feed then after midnight? TELL ME! DID YOU?

@switch after midnight is the only time I feed. Can't very well suck the blood of politicians while the sun is out.

Lol, my apologies, i realize this thread took a turn

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