I fucking love . and both for a myriad of reasons.

Over the last week I've built the most robust / secure / efficient / stable / simple / elegant system I've ever fucks'd with.

I've had such a blast with all the technical / engineering aspects, but the best thing has been that the project is for an urgent and meaningful need - one that will hopefully help volunteers rapidly enter critical data to support our collective work.

So. Psyched!

Can u share your experiences, your setup procedures, config file etc. Would be great. Thanks in advance.

@srinicame oh, i should also note that I'm using jruby. For the concurrency... :)

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OrgSpace is a social media instance on the Mastodon network built by, and for, community organizers. We believe social media is a critical tool for political education, relationship building, mobilizing folks; however, facebook, twitter and other mainstream networks have opted time and again for profit and commercializing personal data regardless of the consequences.

Mastodon is a decentralized, but federated network. This means that when you join, you get to interact with everyone you choose to on the wider Mastodon network; but you also get to see locally scoped content (from this instance) and help build a network particularly focused on building community and organizing those around us against oppressive systems and towards a society rooted in equity and global justice.

Setting up this instance has been a project of PDX Outreach for Justice, but we want this to be a global network of organizers and welcome moderators, admins, and engineers, and others who would be interested in contributing and shaping this process

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