lol @ leveraging to power its infrastructure while totally preventing users of said OS to stream from their platform cause of a shitty, unnecessary google drm library

Def no irony there.

@slackz Open source today is only middle-ware. Companies open source enough for others to build products that depend on their platforms. It's a far cry from the FOSS world people envisioned back in the 90s. I wrote on this a few years back:

@djsumdog what's so interesting is that Linux which is GPL'd has support for using netflix, but FreeBSD which is more liberally licensed does not.

I get with OpenBSD, where those devs are like "lolol, you want your proprietary media software blob to do what next to our kernel?"

Like, peeps are rewriting CTF libraries to support sans CDDL, but this wasn't a similar barrier for FreeBSD from what I understand.

I guess the lack of market share?

@slackz I think you got it: it does really comes down to marketshare. I bet even in the Linux world, gave devs are losing money supporting it. Most game devs support Linux just because it's easy with some of the newer game engines and they can maybe get a few extra bucks, not because it makes up a big percent of their market.

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