@mysteryfish you had me with the Aesop Rock lyrics :P

@slackz I see the wolves have already gotten to you and yours 😂

Being in #PDX have you ever seen him?

@mysteryfish I saw him at the W.O.W hall in Eugene. Was a great show. Was right after Skelethon release. Honestly one of my favorites of his along with Labor Days

@slackz That's excellent. I definitely need to get out to a show

BTW, I play #Baduk. Does the Delta Cafe meetup still happen? (I live in Salem)

@mysteryfish I've been really busy / overwhelmed with work and other stuff so it's been on hold, but super down to meet up for a game. Just dm me when you're in and up for a game!

Gonna try to resume it soon. I think weekly was a bit too ambitious; it's hard to get ppl there with regularity as well

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