Omg, I have a now!!

And it even federates! seriously is beautiful and you should check it out if you've been looking for a simple and elegant publishing platform. So appreciate the ethos and model of it

Thanks @nutomic for the inspiration with your beautiful post about the Zapatistas

@nutomic @blog lol realizing this is a terrible name when it just shows up as "blog" in mentions. whatever... can def fix that later

@slackz @nutomic Your first post doesn't seem to show up on unless I'm missing something. You possibly have to enable federation in your settings (Read something like that a few days ago. Default seems to be : off).

@Ajz ah, had to switch to public. I was leaving unlisted cause I just had a mock test article before I actually published anything on there.

how's it now?

Thanks for heads up! do you have a blog on there? If so, mind sharing link?

@slackz Not see on yet. Perhaps only newer public blog posting will show up after you changed the settings ? Redraft, edit and publish the current one to see ? Here I've been using Plume for blogging I'd like to test for blogging as well but adding it to my "ever growing" to-do list will be the first step. Nice blog post by the way. Inspiring to see more and more people -> Fediverse and moving away from giant-tech commerce #plume #blogging

@Ajz you were absolutely right. Redrafted and it's showing up now. Thanks!

@slackz @nutomic

I just noticed that I could search for your blog and follow it on mastodon. So cool.

@slackz “There is a gorgeous renaissance happening right now on the web.” there sure is! great post, and agreed re: @write_as

@slackz awesome, good to see 🙂 Incidentally today I installed my own instance of writefreely the software behind It's indeed simple and elegant and I quite like it.


@slackz @nutomic Looks slick, I'm going to throw it up on a server.

@slackz ooh, I should add Gopher support to my blog :D

@slackz This was a great article! It really captured the feel and tone of this "renaissance", as you rightfully put it. I'd like to read more posts! :)

@erosdiscordia ahhhh, fuckin' A, blushin' haard. Thanks comrade. I went into school wanting to do creative writing and used to be a journalist... I haven't written in longer form in a long time cause of really ridiculous technical frustrations and complacency.

Really excited to start blogging properly. Super appreciate you reading and all the kind words.

@slackz guys please don't mention me in all of your replies.

Sorry about that. It auto includes on replies, but I'll be more careful about that going forward. Apologies for the noise

@slackz Nice manifesto, Christopher! Do you know what the easiest way is to figure out the federated address of a blog? I can see your domain, but how do I figure out what the username for a specific blog is, i.e. yours?

@nw thanks so much! That's a great question; mine is currently @blog (might switch that later cause not sure if it's best name)

As far as finding it, it'd be cool if there was a url to that like with the rss feed (which is just /feed).

@write_as is there potentially a route that exposes the username based on what's set in the blog settings for federation? So rad that this works btw; fantastic work on the platform!

@slackz Thanks for the quick response! As a related question for @write_as , I’m wondering if someone changing their username (“blog” in this case) will break the connection for all people following a account. I think clearly exposing the federated address of a blog will help to make sure people don’t just rely on following the author on their personal account, but can actually and easily follow the blog.

@nw @slackz Yeah, I haven't extensively tested it myself, but I've heard reports that changing the username messes up federation. Followers on other platforms receive the blog posts, but the blog's name doesn't match who the receivers originally followed, so validation fails and the post doesn't get sent to them.

@write_as ooh good to know, thanks. I'll leave it as is. Can't recall if i changed it initially when i added custom domain, but haven't seen any issues so far.

All that was so easy btw. The docs are so nice. And this is everything I wanted with a blogging platform and it's so fantastic that it's community focused instead of just self-hosted silos. Sorry I'll stop gushing. Great work; beautiful vision

@slackz Hah it's all good! Thank you so much, I love hearing it 🙏

I'd love to keep getting your feedback and thoughts as you use it more, either here or on our forums ( -- that helps me keep building around what the community wants and needs 🙂

@write_as will do! I did add one gh issue ( Plz lemme know if that's wrong repo. Haven't looked closely enough yet at code to know how things are broken out.

Will def clone soon and see if there are ways I could contribute (even if just docs or something).

Will def take a look at forum and keep notes of thoughts.


@slackz Sounds great! Yep, that was the right place for the issue -- I'll respond over there soon.

@write_as @slackz Thanks for the explanation. I just got the Tunneling for Text post in my Mastodon feed. Would be nice if the beginning of the blog post would be included as well, as an excerpt, in addition to the title and the link. Any plans for this?

@nw @slackz I'd love that too, but unfortunately that's up to the receiving platform, and Mastodon only shows the title and link. Posts look good on Pleroma, though -- even the formatting shows up:

@slackz @nw Thanks! Really glad you like it (and great article, btw)!

There isn't a quick and easy place to discover the username.. But you can just search for the blog by its URL in the fediverse -- that'll pull in the blog and show you its username.

Also, just to mention this: it's probably best to settle on a @handle as soon as possible, because the fediverse isn't really set up for username changes yet (e.g. Mastodon doesn't support it)

@write_as @nw oh perfect, good to know about url search. Yeah I'll get that handle updated but maybe current it isn't the worst, cause it's not like it'll be used for mentions a lot and the full handle makes a lot more sense than just "\@blog" everywhere :)

Thanks again for response and all your work. You have a great pricing model too btw; accessible to all and extremely reasonable cost for additional functionality. Love when devs find a workable model for ppl to pay for good OSS.


@edheil lol and this is why I'm regretting choosing [email protected] for the federation user

@slackz @nutomic i've only wrote like one major thing on it but I think is refreshingly simple compared to something like tumblr

@slackz @nutomic @Ajz I agree on all you say but I have a bone to pick with @write_as . Blog can’t be found in fediverse. I email support got one response and a week later no resolve, no follow up. 🤔 This issue gets fix service is 2 thumbs up. At the moment though I’m a little annoyed at the lack of follow through. Which sucks because the platform is laid out very well.

@m3g5 we just had some holidays. I certainly know I took some time off to spend with my partner and family. Matt (who runs this site), just posted about needing to be intentional about taking time off:

Maintaining software used by lots of folks is very hard work and esp with small project, ppl need time off. I had no issues with federation, but there are def edge cases and bugs. If you file an issue on github or send a detailed email, that would help a lot

@slackz I did send email with screenshots shots on config and client examples on search. I can send again. Did not do Github filing, to be honest I didn’t think of doing so. But good idea, so thanks. I get time off trust me, we can’t fly at Mach 10 all the time. But even an auto response would suffice to set expectations. Speaking of holidays, a Happy New Year to you and all reading!

@m3g5 plz note also that support here is listed under a certain subscription:

Which I totally understand / respect. It's great that so many OSS devs are so available and responsive, but it's def reasonable for ppl to charge a modest rate for access to support (which corresponds directly to time / labor). Totally not assuming that you're not a customer, just noted that when looking at site. I'm sure Matt will get back to you in any case :) He super appreciates feedback

@slackz assumptions are bad. 😁 I support the projects I find useful. Folks need to rightfully compensated for good work. As most have day jobs too, beyond the labor of love. Some cash on the side hustle doesn’t hurt. Hosting costs money, as they say there no free service on the internet. I’m a ProSub prepaid annually. I put my $ where my mouth is. LoL Even paid for the DT app as well. 👍🏻 Community and projects can’t grow without support.

@slackz @nutomic @Ajz btw nice post wasn’t aware of #MPD learning something new everyday. Thanks for putting that out there! 👍🏻

@m3g5 @slackz @nutomic @Ajz Hey, sorry for the delayed response -- as I mentioned in the email reply I just sent, I need a little more time to debug the issue. This week I was still getting caught up on other support from over the holidays.

I try to take weekends off, but I'll be looking at it today, and will let you know when I have a solution. Thanks for bearing with me!

@write_as @slackz @nutomic @Ajz thanks for the reply. Listen, I don’t want to come across as a knob. It’s not going anywhere that it requires weekend hours, while I appreciate the offer. Just knowing you got the comm and at some point will be looked at is cool. My beef was no news goes in a black hole?. :-) Auto response will starve you this headache.

Again I appreciate the offer to address immediately, even though I came of as a cranky bitch. ;-) Thanks dude!

@m3g5 @slackz @nutomic @Ajz I appreciate it -- that's a great point. I'll definitely do that in the future.

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