A proposed convention for engaging with posts on the fediverse:

@slackz This is a brilliant idea. I had heard about but this is genius.

I've been using Medium less and less ever since they gated content behind a paywall. It even put me off writing there for a while. So I've been looking at as a new platform but was a bit worried over lack of engagement. Thanks for the tip!

@digitalgyoza is an awesome tool and community. Matt, the author/maintainer already has direct federation support, but I've found the convention mentuoned in this most usable since it is linked to an account I am active on and can reply to comments / moderate, etc (since it's hosted as opposed to just broadcasting to AP subscribers)

Thanks for motivation to finally make another post on there. Has been busy but def wanna update it :)

@digitalgyoza meant to cc @matt but Lie-Fi had the username autocomplete lagging.

Thanks again for all your work on the project Matt :)

@slackz @matt

Quick question, hope you don't mind. How for the life of me do I get images I'm hosting elsewhere to centre on blog posts? I've tried just about any html and markdown approach I can find and nothing works. All stay aligned left.

@slackz @matt

Never mind! Think i cracked it. Needed to use div and add width = 100%..

@digitalgyoza @slackz Ah, cool. We should definitely make that easier.. Might be able to build in a CSS class you could use that would do all of this for you.

@slackz Took me a little while to get the links right, but think I managed to implement this too?!

@digitalgyoza awwww, hell yeah! And you have your fedi comment link at bottom. Nice! :)


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Mastodon is a decentralized, but federated network. This means that when you join, you get to interact with everyone you choose to on the wider Mastodon network; but you also get to see locally scoped content (from this instance) and help build a network particularly focused on building community and organizing those around us against oppressive systems and towards a society rooted in equity and global justice.

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