Hey all, I wanna open up this invite again. I really want to grow organizing.social. This instance is a space for community organizers and we welcome folks trying to bring that work into a proper social media space.

The is vast and has been amazing, but is way too small :P

Here's an invite link:

We wanna encourage a diversity of voices and joining this instance will mean you are a part of deciding how it operates.


hey all, apologies to anyone who has tried to use this invite link and realized it has expired. I just updated the link expiration in the db.

Thanks so much for sharing, and y'all are very welcome on our little instance. Definitely working to grow the space and connect with others interested in community organizing work.

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OrgSpace is a social media instance on the Mastodon network built by, and for, community organizers. We believe social media is a critical tool for political education, relationship building, mobilizing folks; however, facebook, twitter and other mainstream networks have opted time and again for profit and commercializing personal data regardless of the consequences.

Mastodon is a decentralized, but federated network. This means that when you join organizing.social, you get to interact with everyone you choose to on the wider Mastodon network; but you also get to see locally scoped content (from this instance) and help build a network particularly focused on building community and organizing those around us against oppressive systems and towards a society rooted in equity and global justice.

Setting up this instance has been a project of PDX Outreach for Justice, but we want this to be a global network of organizers and welcome moderators, admins, and engineers, and others who would be interested in contributing and shaping this process

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