I really wish #hugo would generate a #gopher map as a third format along with the HTML and RSS it already generates.

@gcupc someone on Mastodon added that functionality to a template recently. Shoot... Who was it


@tomasino @gcupc hey y'all just stumbled upon this thread when looking for something else.

I think the one you're talking about is here:

Thanks @sexybiggetje

@tomasino @slackz @sexybiggetje That's pretty neat. I think for my purposes I'd rather write a hugo custom output format (gohugo.io/templates/output-for) and the needed templates for it, and serve with a regular gopher server. Guess I have another project on my back burner...

@gcupc I'm super interested in this pair up but for writefreely (github.com/writeas/writefreely).

Hugo is great, but something about write.as has got me hooked (probly the community aspect of read.write.as and the minimalism / elegance - even moreso than which has plenty.

But yeah, this is my goal too. One blog repo, works seamlessly with and http static site

I wrote this real quick and it uses the plaintext output which has some issues, I'm willing to do improvements there ;).

I'll look around soon when I have some free time to see where I can and will do changes. If you have specific wishes I'll take a stab at those

@tomasino @slackz

@tomasino @gcupc @sexybiggetje haha, I'm not scouring the fediverse at 6am for the very latest in the world of gopher. No, def not, no :P

Rereading 1436 and the trying to talk myself out of learning Kotlin and writing an android app.

@slackz @tomasino @sexybiggetje The existing gopher browsers for Android are not great...maybe you ought to write one (or contribute to Pocket Gopher)...

@gcupc @tomasino yeah, I'm def struggling with existing options there. Really appreciate PG (and DiggieDog), but there are some serious usability issues with both unfortunately.

I'll check out the code but also eager to do a fresh android proj and learn the basics there along with Kotlin. Have put off android stuff for way too long.

Thanks for encouragement :)
I'll certainly report back if i move forward and have something testable

@slackz @gcupc the gopher browser made for iOS by @crc is the best I've seen on mobile. I'm still crossing my fingers he'll be in good shape and motivated to port it to android one day. DiggieDog and PocketGopher are riddled with issues and things I've logged haven't been addressed.

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