Lol too good not to cross-post. From twitter and with way too little love on there. From: @NWtrailhound

[Oak Grove. We’re hunkered down. Have 12 loaves of bread, guns loaded, and are rationing water. ]

@slackz what the -fuck- are they gonna do? Shoot the damn snow????

@Wewereseeds this is too ridiculous not to be satire, right? :P


@Wewereseeds lol, we live in sad times for satire.

I'm deciding not to click through profile to find some anti-vaxxer MAGA fuck with a small bunker and the worst politics.

Going with sassy local with a sharp take on Portland foolishness :D

@slackz @Wewereseeds

Sadly in PDX half of antivaxxers are far-left environmentalist hippie types.

It's another fine example of the horseshoe theory.....

@salixlucida @Wewereseeds yeah, def know those types. You'd think the latest measles outbreak would be changing hearts and minds, but sadly not the case (as far as I'm aware)

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