Critical cleanup command... I haven't put this in a cron job yet cause I'm lazy, but wanted to remind folks cause god is it clutch... (removes cached media content from remote servers). safe

Was at 85% disk usage before, now just 42%.

RAILS_ENV=production bin/tootctl media remove

Removed 53074 media attachments (approx. 19.9 GB)

thanks again @nolan for the heads up about this.


thanks for sharing. i was messing with that the other day and finally figured it out. i was just running the binary without the production flag and I was all like why you no read my REDIS configuration properly. then i had a moment of clarity and was like oooooh yeah. hopefully you spared someone else the same butt frustration. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ all the gold stars for you

@fC haha, glad it's helpful. btw, a really cool way to manage environment variables is with a tool called direnv ( You can set variables to load in based on directory and it requires you to explicitly authorize loading them into the environment so it's good security

Just know you'll have to be intentional about loading it in for any scripts or cron jobs so I find it most useful for ssh sessions, dev, one-off commands (ie: attached sessions working from applicable dirs)


that looks pretty useful, i'll definitely try it out. sorry though, i'm out of stars :( Here have a fuji instead! :atari:

@slackz Just one thing: To not make the current stream slow as users scroll through the timeline and watch the media, add --days=0.5 (or 1) to it to keep the latest cached media files

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