Alrighty nerds of , who is looking for some sexy as hell lithium iron phosphate cells for their setup?

I have 8 of these 100Ah CALB cells (which are actually more like 118Ah), carefully bottom balanced and arranged in a 24V pack.

I also have a charge controller and 4 beautiful 295W monocrystaline panels.

We gotta move so unfortunately these gotta go. Will hook up a good price for comrades :)

Will deliver to you (within Portland area)

@slackz oooo nice! portland local only? Or could you do shipping if compensated...

@June I would be open to shipping, but would have to look very seriously at it, cause not only will weight make that expensive, there are special guidelines about shipping materials like batteries.

But if you're seriously interested, I could do some research about costs / regulations there.

Thanks for reply! Want these to end up somewhere proper, cause they're excellent cells.

@slackz yeah that's true it would probably get expensive

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