Just wanna give a shout out to Rose City Antifa. The media contortions and liberal misperceptions of antifascist action are so grossly inaccurate.

As local news media plays sensationalist clips of smashing car windows or something on fire, real antifascists are busy doing the actual work to counter fascism.

This article (CW fascism, violence) shows how susceptible people are recruited. RCA takes a deep dive into the sad story of Alyssa Vinsonhaler



Spoiler alert: being trans or of some other marginalized identity does not make one immune from recruitment by fascists.

The examples are unfortunately numerous of "class traitors" confounding our assumptions about what the far-right is...

Anti-semitic white supremacists will gladly work with Netanyahu; Patriot Prayer will happily accept Black and trans recruits; so long as they fundamentally align with the objectives of rabid nationalism that attacks substantive dissent

Why is it that Patriot Prayer constantly comes out to try to disrupt May Day? Even when event organizers are having a mellow, community-focused, explicitly nonviolent event?

They hate socialism. They hate the strength of our true diversity. They hate our discourse and our positions against the US state. They hate our principles and our commitment to direct democracy

The true believers don't give a fuck about black bloc or "stopping antifa"; they want to stop our organizing. We won't let them


Truscum (or "Harry Benjamin Syndrome" sufferers) often carry water for TERFs as it is. It's not a long jump to other prejudices from there.

But yeah, having gender issues doesn't mean you can't hate immigrants or Jews for instance.

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