Did just a bit of pruning on my tiny bonsai, but picked up some critical tools today - most importantly the books so I know the basics about what I'm doing :P

So excited, my favorite is by far the juniper (the one on the left) which my partner gave to me. But I also really like the Chinese Elm (ulmus parviflora) which is 2nd to the right.

Might do a bit of shaping with some wire tonight, but mostly just focused on sun and water right now :)

❤️ 🌲

@slackz I received an azalea bonsai for Valentine's Day and I'm really nervous about keeping it alive but trying to take it easy!

@weapxnfriend you got it! I really like this resource if you haven't seen it:

My partner had a really good attitude about it... if something goes a bit amiss, it's a learning experience. But with decent care, should be reasonably straightforward to keep your little tree healthy

If you're down, super interested in looking at photos / updates if you tag me. Cheers! :)

@slackz i'll go through my media and tag you, and post an update later :) and thanks for the link! I've just been reading over the advice and instructions that came with the tree, but they don't give me much confidence.

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