Hey ! Just a reminder that my partner's intro to herbal first aid class is happening tomorrow at 10am at One Green World!

I'll be attending as well and looking forward to learning about local native plants which have various medicinal properties.

Hope to see some comrades there as well. There are a few spots still available; tickets here:


It's sliding scale but if you can't afford the low-end ($10) and would really like to go, DM me and we'll sort it

This place is very special to me. First time I've been back since .

Despite all the problems in Portland, there is incredible energy here when groups come together - driven by justice, solidarity, and clear purpose.

We fucking stopped an arctic icebreaker in its tracks for 36 hours and fueled public opposition to arctic drilling.

It is in these moments when we come together that another world feels not only possible, but inevitable.

Chins up comrades. Together we are fuckin strong

[No Mas Muertes (No More Deaths)...

For I was thirsty and you gave me drink.

For I was a stranger and you welcomed me.]

Picked up a nice juniperus procumbens shrub today at a local nursery. Wish I took a before pic cause it was a healthy, but scattered plant in a plastic pot.

I've picked up some serious soil components today - akadama, pumice, lava rock, sphagnum moss... still amateurish and learning the basics but very happy with this repot. Hope this juniper thrives :)

Did a proper repotting of my juniper last night. Wanted to check the roots, situate the tree a bit more securely, and freshen up the soil mix a bit.

This little juniper seems to be looking healthy from my fragile understanding; if you want to watch a beautiful and informative video about repotting from a master of the craft, check this out!

Did just a bit of pruning on my tiny bonsai, but picked up some critical tools today - most importantly the books so I know the basics about what I'm doing :P

So excited, my favorite is by far the juniper (the one on the left) which my partner gave to me. But I also really like the Chinese Elm (ulmus parviflora) which is 2nd to the right.

Might do a bit of shaping with some wire tonight, but mostly just focused on sun and water right now :)

❤️ 🌲

I don't do web bloat, or much of the javascript. Def don't fucks with tracking cookies or node packages.

lol, I've spent countless hours on the simplest goddamn websites - a web form, some authentication, user management, secure document access, backups, etc.

Doing shit correctly is so difficult. Which is why I'm never surprised when corporations with slogans of "move fast and break stuff" end up leaking all the goddamn passwords.

Programming is hard.

Have been sad to miss the organizing this yr due to work, moving, illness, etc, but I will most assuredly be there the day of the event.

(May 1st) is International Workers Day!! It is a day to celebrate the victories of those who fought for 8-hour work day, minimum wage, and against child labor, gross exploitation, etc. It is also a day to steel ourselves for the work ahead. And there is so much work to do.

When: May 1st, 2019
Where: Holladay Park,

❤️ ✊

Pretty sure my sweet, nervous, fragile pup likes my weighted blanket as much as I do.

Poor little boy misses his mom somethin fierce. Finally got him to eat and stray from couch watch (where he waits forlornly for that door to open). So sad; a week in eager doggo time is basically like an eternity

Fuck Amazon. DVDs ftw!

Just bought like 12 solid titles, (mostly bluray) for a song. Thanks CD Game Exchange!

The pup and I just finished Kung Fu Panda and now are on Despicable Me. Also how does OrgSoc not have a minion emoji?!

Freshly minted! his last one broke off and got lost at the park.

What a handsome, perfect boy.
Time for a walk

Hizzah! Done with this fuckin move. Done. Finished. Completed. Tiny house now at new place.

Cannot wait to have some chill time with my partner and enjoy our new place.

I never, ever wanna move again. So help me god, we are not movin in another year. Looking to lay down some fuckin roots

Okay, fiber optic internet is pretty fuckin' sweet.

Sooooo glad to be dumping comcast for CenturyLink too.

Gigabit! muahahaha
Much stream. So bandwidth. Wow

Truly dunno how this happened. WE HAVE A HOUSE!! Just moved key shit in today. Sleepin there with the pup tonight. More moving tomorrow.

We thought we were headed to an apt and were gonna lose all of this. Garden, tiny house, piano, yard, room to ourselves and an awesome property manager who is an organizing comrade. All to get out of a toxic housemate situation.

Dunno how this happened, but so fucking happy. Looking for housing is a horror show. Finding it is a blessing

Been watching too much Jurassic Park, cause I scanned this headline and did a double take. Dinosaur found in Australia, OF COURSE!

"Galleonosaurus dorisae: New dinosaur discovered in Australia

Scientists have identified a new dinosaur in south-eastern Australia."

Seems legit mate.

Anybody in interested in either buying or being a foster parent for a beautiful 1910 Ludwig upright grand piano. There are a couple aesthetic repairs needed, but it plays beautifully and fiercely holds a tune.

My partner and I are moving in two weeks, so serious inquiries only please. I paid almost $3k for this, but would let it go for $1500 given circumstances.

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