Oof, really wish didn't show a bunch of "filtered" messages with toots filtered. The UI is great for creating filters. Context, etc is very useful granularity.

But the whole point of a filter is to hide stuff. If the UI shows a reminder of all the content ur hiding and clutters up the tl, it defeats so much of the purpose.

If anybody knows if this has been implemented on a fork of the project, but otherwise might take a crack at doing that, cause this seems suboptimal

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Currently Mount Kimbie's Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. Such an excellent album. Also so thrilled to be on and have my library available everywhere and deeply cached on my phone for offline use.


Sooooo bloody psyched on . All my music and video, etc available everywhere with gorgeous UI and all sorts of flexibility? Yes, please!

Running on with the standalone install was super duper easy. :flan_hearts: :flan_headphones: :flan_hacker:

Oh I do love reading a good book by a proper fire.


Cedar is a gorgeous fire starter :flan_hearts:

Oh hi there access to news feed that doesn't suck or involve a bunch of tracking or bookmarks or web browser shenanigans.

Thanks so much to The Intercept for including the entire article in your feeds!

Do folks on here have any favorite feeds? (especially ones that include at least a good excerpt and not just a link to website which sorta defeats a lot of the purpose)

+ + mode

Been a long time since I've owned a watch, but my dear friend just gave me this handsome time piece. He said now I wouldn't have to look at my cell phone whenever i just wanted to know the time <3

Really enjoy the soft sound of it ticking

Pretty sure it doesnt count as a subtoot just to share a joke.

Awwwwwww, fuckin' w000000t! Just successfully built my first system system via source! I was on 12.0, but my understanding is that crochet requires system to be on current for img builds (github.com/freebsd/crochet#how)

I wanna do builds for my Raspberry Pi 3 since it's Tier 2.

Def learned a lot throughout the process; god I love the FreeBSD handbook.

omg, buildworld on a 16-core Ryzen 1700 with nvme drive after messin around with source build on the Pi. lolol

@AudreyJune just confirmed that basic text search is a thing. It will index stuff you've interacted with and your own posts. I've issued a few searches and it seems to work well enough.

I just added this to but, know you may well have to get your instance admin to add the feature (there's some sysadmin prereqs).

The documentation around this is great and was easy to follow / get this turned on:

Image of quote from Fannie Lou Hamer:

"I’ll tell you why. I keep a shotgun in every corner of my bedroom and the first cracker even look like he wants to throw some dynamite on my porch won’t write his mama again...

“I’m gonna be standing up, I’m gonna be moving forward, and if they shoot me, I’m not going to fall back, I’m going to fall 5 feet 4 inches forward in the fight for freedom. I'm not backing off"

Danger! Wholesome content incoming!!

Dunno if folks know this, but when i click through to view profile on new accts I might follow to check what's on there and I see this blank screen.

Not sure what's up there, but also noticed that the site doesn't load at all sans js (check out the pics below for how site shows up in lynx with pleroma and respectively)

Not at all throwing shade, I just have noticed having issues engaging with pleroma instances and thought it worth noting

okay, corruption nearing completion. ya know, just felt that ditching fb, google, amz, etc didn't cast me far enough into the realm of niche digital spaces.

@mysteryfish got me delving into

Tired of all the flashy images? Bloated js / sketch tracking cookies? Sick of firing up a GUI and - god forbid - chrome cranking 1G of mem just to read your bff's blog? We got you!!

Tunnel the net w/ us on gopher!
unix: lynx
android: Pocket Gopher (via f-droid), or DiggieDog (playstore)

Anybody in trying to buy a nice piano for cheap?

This is a gorgeous 1910 Ludwig upright grand that plays beautifully (no issues at all with strings, tuning block, keys, etc)

I bought it for 3k; willing to sell for $500 cause of a tiny bit of damage and i really could use the $$ for moving expenses. has a cpl nicks and needs a tiny bit of work cosmetically and on pedals.

Must be down to come pick up. Due for a tuning but it's held a great tune for ridiculously long

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