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3am. on the brain. Here's my current game on ; I'm playing the white stones. Still very much getting used to the basics (esp on a 19x19 board); intimidating and fascinating and exhilerating

So much to think about... so much beauty. I love this game; I love it so much.

See, I've been doing it wrong this whole time. Facebook ads are great fun

Hahahaha, sometimes I love the internet

Has been so long since doing any work on my tiny house. My partner helped me find some amazing folks who build tinies professionally.

Really proud of all the work I've done it, but it's also so bloody nice to have awesome experts really help me finish things off right.

Got all this beautiful cedar siding for such a nice price. Psyched to get things done, install the solar, do up the interior more. Slick

Lol our pup is the sweetest little dog. He gets real nervous with fireworks or construction sounds or too many strangers.

When he's in a funk his appetite is off and sometimes you have to feed him by hand to get him started. Love our dog so much. He's the best

Lol this is apparently facebook's read on my politics...

I just... i dont.... no response

Like... this is an actual ad on facebook. Thanks Mark Fuckerberg, but I dont want to buy weapons, and if I did I wouldn't be looking to conceal them. And in any goddamn case, it wouldnt be via facebook.

Yay! So psyched. Go stones just came. Been playing a lot online but this game is beautiful and it deserves a beautiful space to play in person.

These Yunzi stones were def an investment but they feel so worth it. Serious heft, gorgeous shade, brilliant overall feel. I fucking love this game and the attention to detail involved everywhere

So my partner is an awesome artist. They have a background in foraging, birthing doula work, medical care, etc, so their work has incredible attention to detail and reflects many of their passions.

They just launched an etsy store:

They're also bunchberryart on Instagram (lol, tried to make an account but I've really never used it; please send internet halp; also @pixelfed isn't quite ready yet :P

Please check it out! They do custom acrylic pieces

Okay, I think this is the best game of Go I've ever played. I have the white stones and score est is up by 59.5 when my opponent resigned. Was really happy with this huge connected space.

Lol these are super beginner games but feels nice to get a handle on the basics and start to see certain patterns.

Love this game so much. If anybody is on server, lemme know. I'm slackz on there. Let's be frens and play some mellow games!

hunger strike, fighting US deportation Show more

Hahahahaha, sorry, but yeah, when you take roles as Japanese characters and steal parts from trans folks (who never get cast in cis roles), you have this coming...

via fb:

"News" agencies literally paid the white supremacist, authoritarian, hypocrite horror of a human being Melania Trump.

You cannot make this shit up. They paid _her_ for propaganda photo shoots favorable to administration.

If not , this is

Finally cleaning up my disaster of a room. It's funny, I'm pretty compulsive and love clean, elegant spaces, but it's amazing how hard things get de-prioritized when other shit is going in

I have bookshelves like a real adult and cubbies cuz fuck that I'll never grow up.

Can't wait to play Go in person sometime soon. Been loving playing online and learning, but I really don't want that part of me to just exist in a digital realm

This is fucking beautiful. A carpenter union member is at offering union positions to ICE agents willing to quit their jobs.

riot cops, police intimidation Show more

Photo from @portlandresists on twitter showing federal agents taping license plates.

This is what cops do with badges when they're beating on unarmed Black / African / Native / Latinx / houseless / leftist folks.

This is a such an abhorent and authoritarian tactic.

Orig link:

Photo from Dirk VanderHart of The Oregonian showing Portland Police assisting federal officers at the ICE detention facility in Portland.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler assured residents that PPB would NOT help ICE / DHS in any way.

No surprise, he's lying.

phone # for Mayor's office:

Please please call that office to demand that the mayor keep his word, have PPB withdraw, remove from the horrible joint-terrorism taskforce and revoke permit for ICE

ICE might be putting out notices to scare us, but this camp is still here and we are still strong and we are NOT FUCKING MOVING.

We are here for each other and to do what we can. Join us!

So much love and solidarity to NY, SD, LA, and all the cities planning actions in cities across the country. Please support Mijente and other organizations working daily to provide critical support immigrants and communities facing the terrors of US policy

❤ ✊

needs bodies and support right now more than ever. Word that DHS police will be moving in on the camp.

Please get down there if you can!

4310 SW Macadam Ave.

No big deal... just a ice cream truck helping us block the detention center while giving out free cones.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... abolishing fascistic govt agencies terrorizing families

Almost 1k strong last night. Word from that the effort is spreading. WE'RE NOT LEAVING

JOIN US! (In Portland or wherever you are)

4310 SW Macadam Ave