Truly dunno how this happened. WE HAVE A HOUSE!! Just moved key shit in today. Sleepin there with the pup tonight. More moving tomorrow.

We thought we were headed to an apt and were gonna lose all of this. Garden, tiny house, piano, yard, room to ourselves and an awesome property manager who is an organizing comrade. All to get out of a toxic housemate situation.

Dunno how this happened, but so fucking happy. Looking for housing is a horror show. Finding it is a blessing

Been watching too much Jurassic Park, cause I scanned this headline and did a double take. Dinosaur found in Australia, OF COURSE!

"Galleonosaurus dorisae: New dinosaur discovered in Australia

Scientists have identified a new dinosaur in south-eastern Australia."

Seems legit mate.

Anybody in interested in either buying or being a foster parent for a beautiful 1910 Ludwig upright grand piano. There are a couple aesthetic repairs needed, but it plays beautifully and fiercely holds a tune.

My partner and I are moving in two weeks, so serious inquiries only please. I paid almost $3k for this, but would let it go for $1500 given circumstances.

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Yaaay, san francisco... where the burgers are $20 and the poverty level is like $150k.

Sure as fuck glad I don't live in this capitalist cesspool where I cant even get a goddamn beer without taking out a loan.

Fuck SFO

Vegetarian foodstuffs can be adorable as hell. Besides the myriad of other more legitimate reasons, I'd just so much rather eat "Fruffalo Wings" based on name alone

Critical cleanup command... I haven't put this in a cron job yet cause I'm lazy, but wanted to remind folks cause god is it clutch... (removes cached media content from remote servers). safe

Was at 85% disk usage before, now just 42%.

RAILS_ENV=production bin/tootctl media remove

Removed 53074 media attachments (approx. 19.9 GB)

Lol too good not to cross-post. From twitter and with way too little love on there. From: @NWtrailhound

[Oak Grove. We’re hunkered down. Have 12 loaves of bread, guns loaded, and are rationing water. ]

brrrr, stay warm !
forecast is looking chilly.
Drive safe y'all!

Me avoiding news articles about the US state of the union

The state of the union is....
A dumpster fire

Okay, is turning out to be pretty damn cool. Added command-line options now so this is actually useful and easy to navigate.

Code / documentation / usage instructions here:
Added a license ( hizzah)

Working nicely! Super happy with it

I don't have massive contempt for the process of looking for housing in Portland. No, not at all, def not...

Seriously, such a horror show. So sick of seeing some place we actually like and then find out there's 7 applications in front of us.

* facedesk

Okay friends of port 70, guardians of the gopher, lovers of plaintext and long form content, the process has begun. I am very new to android dev and this is slow going, but enthusiastic to announce start of a new gopher client project for android.

Want to keep things as simple and elegant as possible, but already having tons of cool ideas about functionality.

Stay tuned :)

For absolutely no critical reason I'm working on a client / server written with and . There are tons of solid projects out there, but wanted to learn about the protocol and work more with networking / command line UI design.

The emojis are cute as fuck honestly, but I need to figure out how to get ASCII strings to play nicely with UTF-8

Having lots of fun. For those unfamiliar, gopher is the plaintext net w/o the frills and pomp of HTTP - emphasis on content :P

Oof, really wish didn't show a bunch of "filtered" messages with toots filtered. The UI is great for creating filters. Context, etc is very useful granularity.

But the whole point of a filter is to hide stuff. If the UI shows a reminder of all the content ur hiding and clutters up the tl, it defeats so much of the purpose.

If anybody knows if this has been implemented on a fork of the project, but otherwise might take a crack at doing that, cause this seems suboptimal

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Currently Mount Kimbie's Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. Such an excellent album. Also so thrilled to be on and have my library available everywhere and deeply cached on my phone for offline use.


Sooooo bloody psyched on . All my music and video, etc available everywhere with gorgeous UI and all sorts of flexibility? Yes, please!

Running on with the standalone install was super duper easy. :flan_hearts: :flan_headphones: :flan_hacker:

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