Critical public service announcement from facebook...

QR codes are so useful and yet so underappreciated.

Lol totally forgot how awesome this essay is...

Neal Stephenson - In the beginning was the command line

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lol, also huge coding refactors are like this deliciously unsettling affair where you're tearing up code, slash slash, delete delete, rework logic

And then there's this fucking moment - the culmination - where everything starts to lock in and it's like two long-bars in tetris and everything is clean and sharp and better. and then you push that goddamn commit like you robbed the place...

From DecolonizeNW on fb:


How you can help people travelling with the Honduran Exodus.

1. Give money to Pueblo Sin Fronteras -

2. Pacific NW area folks: Contact [email protected] to see about becoming a host

3. Help educate people about the reasons for the exodus and fight dangerous racist misinformation

4. If you are a lawyer, translator, legal observer, health professional, or can give Know Your Rights Training, go to Tijuana to aid incoming asylum-seekers

Switchin it up. Revisiting simpler times

I really need to get a blog, cause sometimes, there's too much txt for a tiny fedi-post.

Emotional day

See ya fuckin' later . Years of shopping, tons of video / music that will be lost cause you're terrible and don't let ppl download that shit anymore

Just moved over all my AWS infra and shut that shit down.

Lolol from Cheerful Nihilism on facebook

Damn, if only I had a fatty, beautiful tome to nudge my heart and main system ever closer to living my best life with ...

Oh wait, shit, goddamn, nm; it's right here though!

Thanks @mwlucas :D

Also, every time I look up some shit about Marxism I am increasingly suspicious that this jargon is made up by sassy leftists trying to confuse basically everyone

exhibit A: meriam webster... uses term within definition. Fuckin shenanigans

exhibit B: wikipedia... wtf does any of that even mean?! I went to college (even almost graduated) and have read some books (some of which I even almost finished). But WAT?!

I call bullshit.

So, because the US is a horror show of injustice, we currently have asylum seekers locked up in Sheridan - cleared for release, but need bond to get out.

This is straight-up ransom, plain and simple. Help us get these men OUT, and help us end this unconscionable system.

Donation link:

This comes from Innovation Law Lab (see here: )

Art - drawing from one of ILL's clients detained at Sheridan

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