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When denial meets truth, Puerto Rico, hurricane maria Show more

Hey all! We had such a fantastic time last week. Excellent fucking turnout (6 people total rolled through)

Please join us this tonight for some go, tasty food, drinks, good company

7pm. Tonight. Delta Café.

Permanent event link:

Every thursday! Join us

So much fun; don't worry if you've never played. You are welcome and we will teach you. I am very much learning as well (as we all are with a game of such beauty and complexity)


Gaslighting, fascism, Trump Show more

"When you advise me to recognize the humanity of the man whose boot is on my throat, you are telling me that you don't recognize mine.

I have the right to be angry - generations worth of angry.

I have the right - the obligation - to rage against the boot.

Now you can sit your ass down...

And think about that."
- Cherri Foytlin
L'Eau Est La Vie Camp

When the cops and corporations abandon all pretense of being about the rule of law...

The St Martin Parish Sheriff's office in Louisiana has literally collaborated with private security from Energy Transfer Partners to attack and detain peaceful water protectors

The peaceful demonstrators have permission from landowners to be there. ETP and their illegal Bayou Bridge pipeline do not

USA: colonizing turtle island since 1492

The frustration when you wanna boost a toot but the federation won't scooch.

lolol, this image is too good. not sure of original source, but it's damn good

HT @b0mb

I am so goddamn happy with tonight. 6 ppl total rolled through. Essentially first time players, me, some stronger players... none of that matters at all, cause we're growing the community in and creating space for all to come and learn / enjoy this game and the folks involved.

I love this game. It's so beautiful y'all.

Thank you @selinama for gracing me with two days of you and your partner's support and presence.

Join us:

Living his best life...

Sweeet, much progress this weekend. Added ability to add calendar items from event pages (convenient!), also sending emails to individuals from contacts page, also toptevel org switcher. This will allow content and operations to be scoped to different organizations (so ppl can separate their work / spaces but also shares resources for coalition work)

Sweeeeeet, working more on this community organizing toolkit. Just added ability to select entries in contact list and then be able to send an email out to all those recipients. Also calendar pretty usable now!

* snappy search / filtering to quickly find contacts
* option to contact via sms as opposed to email
* option for contacts to specify preferred method of contact and then message notification defaulting there
* many, many more todos


Massive resistance is happening in prisons across the country. In the case of Tacoma, some ego-driven, toxic, horrible fuck of a warden has been punishing inmates for not submitting to arbitrary and dehumanizing shows of authoritarianism

Hunger strikes, work stoppages, critical organizing inside and outside prison walls.

Check out IWOC, NWDC Resistance, Critical Resistance, and related orgs.

Write letters yo prisonere, make calls, share these stories.

Ohhhh that's right, you're correct. It's Thursday so it must be time.

Every Thursday, 7pm, Delta Café,

Will be here til about 9pm

Holy shit this book is good though.

(Sorry to not transcribe. Away from home atm and these excerpts are too long for toots anyways). I'll def add links to the text in future when I'm at home though.

Can't recommend this book enough

Holy shit this book is good.

Joyful Militancy