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A service worker revolt is brewing, as an anti-capitalist union, the IWW, is making history as the first to unionize a fast food restaurant, with 4 stores recognized + two more set to go. Now. workers at another restaurant have launched their own campaign.

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There's something magical about having internet after not having had internet (even if for a brief period)

* whispers to the pup *

pssst, zomg, let's watch the office; cause we can!

My pup: wait, is there even any other show?

Me: wait, but when did you learn how to talk? That's impressive Prof Books

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@Wewereseeds I have a comrade at FreeGeek; could have him keep an eye out for something wicked affordable. You looking for a laptop?

I'll see what I can do... I also have a spare desktop computer you could use indefinitely if you'd like it... it's a little compact desktop. I even have a spare display.

OrgSoc admins cant be suffering through this nonsense without a proper computer :P

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It’s officially #baturday ! Let’s kick it off with this adorable plushie

@healyn I feel personally attacked by this relatable content

@setsuna that def would not surprise me. Thanks for mentioning; good to know this mode is something you're familiar with too.

Def get in this state a lot and I love it. Also drives the nocturnal shit too. Who needs sleep when one has legal jargon to binge research? :P

Truly dunno how this happened. WE HAVE A HOUSE!! Just moved key shit in today. Sleepin there with the pup tonight. More moving tomorrow.

We thought we were headed to an apt and were gonna lose all of this. Garden, tiny house, piano, yard, room to ourselves and an awesome property manager who is an organizing comrade. All to get out of a toxic housemate situation.

Dunno how this happened, but so fucking happy. Looking for housing is a horror show. Finding it is a blessing

Lol I think in a different life I coulda been really good at contract law. Just drafted a rental agreement that I'm damn proud of. My partner and our comrade / new property manager both had zero tweaks

Compulsively looking at legal blogs for breakdowns of "will" vs "shall" and "agreement" vs "contract". Good times :)

Dunno why but my compulsive, quirky ass brain digs this particular strain of esoterica.

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Today is hard day for a lot of people. Err on the side of compassion and understanding. Go out of your way to be a safe space today.

Today was fuckin bonkers. We were literally supposed to sign a lease today and move into an apt in a diff city. Was a cute spot but involved a lot of concessions (my partner and i figuring out what to do with tiny house, losing garden space, quail, our yard, moving into a smaller space, less room for Mr Books to frollick)

We just found a house! Today! With a comrade. Who is legit. And we're still moving in tomorrow

The dream space we gave up on for now is magically happening. Shit's surreal

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@dch hell yeah! Thanks for being there comrade

@lugh stories like these give my soul air to breath.

Unabashed tears of joy over here.

We will hit a tipping point with our intersecting movements. We will have the will and the mass and the shared values. Millions strong. Billions strong.

We are going to fundamentally change shit

Oh hell yeah! Look at these incredible youth. STRIKE! Inspiring mass action in times where such action is utterly essential

Love and solidarity to the young leaders organizing here! Beautiful hope

Youth climate strikes to take place in more than 100 countries

[Hundreds of thousands of children are expected to walk out of their classrooms on Friday for a global climate strike amid growing anger at the failure of politicians to tackle the escalating ecological crisis.]

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At the urging of police unions, a New York judge has issued a temporary restraining order blocking the NYPD from posting anonymous summary information about the outcomes of disciplinary trials:


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