@garbados +1 Good pt. I can understand the pt about page load consistency but even if it was an option with a warning about impacts, it'd be preferable to being reminded about filtered content that one doesn't want to interact with

@paeneultima i tries it. "Filtered" still shows up. I'm gonna test out that css fix mentioned in this thread

@paeneultima haha, for sure. To each, their own. I'm really struggling with volume. Makes me sad cause I've even unfollowed proper comrades cause i can't keep up or get overwhelmed.

Manually following in certain cases (esp for local tl stuff), but trying to figure all that out.

@paeneultima i saw same msg. This made me nervous cause I wasn't sure scope. Personal pref vs instance-wide, but it makes sense that that would be an individual pref.

I will try that out, thanks!

@InspectorCaracal niiiiice, thanks for tip! Makes sense; <3 easy fixes

@Gargron Eugen, I'm sure I lack the context about the technical details here, but shouldn't it be possible to hide toot entirely if its replacing content with "filtered" anyways. Sorry, can you expand on this a bit?

Plz feel free to link existing GH issue, etc. Thanks

Like, you can't even click to view. Why is it there? I mean I understand the design consideration of remjndi g user that filter is in place and it's hiding content, but there should at least be a flag preference about whether it's actually visible or not.

The whole pt for a csrtain use case is too reduce noise. This is wayyyyyy too noisy. I will absolutely put out a pr if this hasn't been suggested, but I doubt that. Don't have spoons rn to dig thru github and check

Oof, really wish didn't show a bunch of "filtered" messages with toots filtered. The UI is great for creating filters. Context, etc is very useful granularity.

But the whole point of a filter is to hide stuff. If the UI shows a reminder of all the content ur hiding and clutters up the tl, it defeats so much of the purpose.

If anybody knows if this has been implemented on a fork of the project, but otherwise might take a crack at doing that, cause this seems suboptimal

meme (n) - a word, image or social phenomenon that floods with indecipherable hashtags leading confounded onlookers sipping beer in a pub to contemplate the implicationd of scouring the interwebs for clarification.

* for further clarification, plz see entries for "confusion", "conflicted" and "conundrum"

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Some good criteria to follow if you want me to accept your follow request:
-profile pic
-pronouns in bio
-preferrably an instance I've heard of
-some posts I can see, or at least a good toot count
-don't be that centrist white guy posting only about tech because I KNOW you are a thirst follow
-no hornt alts unless I know you

@lurker @shoutcacophony @lurker Glad it's all good. Sorry, we've just had some weirdly idle accounts on here and nervous about tge amount of seemingly inactive oones.

We should totally have a clear policy about intros, etc for new accounts.

Really you are very welcome here. Thanks for your interest and for clearing things up.

@lesbianhacker yeah, i can see how this is awkward. I really appreciate the obvious reverse chronological deal on Masto, but I always end up clicking through to go to thread root.

I think there's def a way to tuck in threads without messing with simplicity / transparency but also keeping things more together and less spread out / voluminous. Sounds like a win :)

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I’m gonna get free
I’m gonna get free
I’m gonna get free

Boost into the sun

lyric, off I'll be okay by Aesop Rock, feat slug Show more

@shoutcacophony @lurker I'll boot from instance if they followed again separately w/o intro.

So sorry, i opened up and old invite link getting shared around cause membership has been stagnant here, but we have zero tolerance for users on our instance who do not respect other ppls' boundaries.

Plz lemme know via reply or abuse report and I will take action immediately.

@Setsuna omg, right?! For real, given how how I feel about almost all other politicians, my affection for Merkley is deep. He's so legit

US Sen Merkley, armed with #DHS leak, pushes for perjury investigation of Kirstjen Nielsen Show more

@lesbianhacker @aral @GinnyMcQueen @AceNovo Also how does insulting the workers who have the capacity for conscience and organizing create the change we want?

Some of these workers are the same who helped halt dev on JEDI and shit. Many are part of emerging tech worker coalition building relationships and solidarity across industries. We should be encouraging the excellent organizing here, not shooting out hot takes from Fediverse arm chairs

@nolan ugh... haven't looked at it yet but didn't see any email from them. Sorry this sounds like a pain. Not looking fwd to it

So rough cause the tool has generally made it so much easier to deal with certs. Surprised that this would be so much more complicated

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Mastodon is a decentralized, but federated network. This means that when you join organizing.social, you get to interact with everyone you choose to on the wider Mastodon network; but you also get to see locally scoped content (from this instance) and help build a network particularly focused on building community and organizing those around us against oppressive systems and towards a society rooted in equity and global justice.

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