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A friend shared this on facebook:

So beautiful.

Saving for later, cause I feel like this is the kind of film I could watch many times - while going to sleep, calming down from a stressful day, seeking aesthetic and cultural inspiration.

Also now I want a proper watch :P

So appreciate this attention to detail and mastery of a craft.

(for my own organization)

so fucking excited. I've been in a programming vortex of joy for the past cpl

Sparkleformation + ansible + minimalist orchestration scripts.

This is maybe the most fun I've ever had automating infrastructure.

For the folks not familiar with sparkleformation, it's a ruby abstraction layer for cloudformation. So it lets one generate resources with the cfn API w/o the horror show of editing massive json template:

Such a useful / under-the-radar proj

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When denial meets truth, Puerto Rico, hurricane maria Show more

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oh you're "straight as a line" huh? well do you also extend infinitely in either direction? doesn't look like it buddy: you're as straight as a *segment* send toot

Hey all! We had such a fantastic time last week. Excellent fucking turnout (6 people total rolled through)

Please join us this tonight for some go, tasty food, drinks, good company

7pm. Tonight. Delta Café.

Permanent event link:

Every thursday! Join us

So much fun; don't worry if you've never played. You are welcome and we will teach you. I am very much learning as well (as we all are with a game of such beauty and complexity)


Governor's office address:
1100 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 734-2100

Twitter handle: @HenryMcMaster

Apparently his family are members of First Presbyterian Church of Columbia.

Killing prisoners isn't very Christ-like Henry. What would your fellow parishioners think about that Henry? You fucking horror of a human being

Henry McMaster, governor of Florida, this motherfucker.. yeah, office was closed in evening yesterday, but I've been callin all morning and shit goes straight to voicemail

They don't wanna talk to us. They wanna hide under the desk and give no comments about how they're literally willing to kill inmates - caged in a hurricane, cause they don't want the expense or logistics of evacuating prisoners they keep as slave laborers.

comrades?! Get at that fuckin' office. We will not be ignored

Gaslighting, fascism, Trump Show more

hurricane, prisons evac, call to action! Show more

hurricane, prisons evac, call to action! Show more

hurricane, prisons evac, call to action! Show more

Job opportunity!

Mission: supporting lawyers and volunteers successfully fight asylum claims - working to get immigrant detainees released

Tech: ruby, rails, mysql, react a plus

Details: small eng team, remote position, health ins, salary (this job is about the mission, not making bank)

Interested? DM me!

Please tag your rails/react hacker frens!

oregon, racists Show more

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What a miraculous day it will be when we ALL realize how much more revolutionary it is to fight with fierce and specific love to support and care for our comrades than merely with detached and scatter shot vitriol against our oppressors.

That is the point where we will be unstoppable. When we fight for what we want and not against what we don't.

@amphetamine yeah, the shit is unconscionable. Such a fucking evil system. It's really upsetting. Ppl have been saying this. But everybody believes a cop over some colonized folks being criminalized by the state and the press and ppl who don't think twice about those narratives

bent cops Show more

Police violence, cover-ups Show more

@galaxgal If the job opportunities are thin for tech where you're at, one thought is to hit up mailing lists and groups in places like Portland, OR where there's an active / social dev community. When I was switching jobs after getting laid off early in my career, the pdx ruby mailing list was a super helpful resource

On that note, dunno what your bg is, but I got started with ruby / sql / rails type of stuff (lots of opportunities (including remote positions) in that realm).