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So meetup looks pretty shitty. Crappy mobile experience, had issues uploading a fucking image. It's obv terrible and they have sheisty billing.

Lol, all that being said it's the tool ppl use (i think?) and I wanted to make a scrappy group for ppl to meet up and play in person!

Please alert your nerd frens.

ps, I'm slackz on OGS of course :)

Hit me up, let's be Go friends and play a game sometime! :D

3am. on the brain. Here's my current game on ; I'm playing the white stones. Still very much getting used to the basics (esp on a 19x19 board); intimidating and fascinating and exhilerating

So much to think about... so much beauty. I love this game; I love it so much.

See, I've been doing it wrong this whole time. Facebook ads are great fun

Hahahaha, sometimes I love the internet

Has been so long since doing any work on my tiny house. My partner helped me find some amazing folks who build tinies professionally.

Really proud of all the work I've done it, but it's also so bloody nice to have awesome experts really help me finish things off right.

Got all this beautiful cedar siding for such a nice price. Psyched to get things done, install the solar, do up the interior more. Slick

Lol our pup is the sweetest little dog. He gets real nervous with fireworks or construction sounds or too many strangers.

When he's in a funk his appetite is off and sometimes you have to feed him by hand to get him started. Love our dog so much. He's the best

Lol, while liberals mourn the loss of broken windows at a protest or are concerned about ICE abolition being too radical, the super rich are literally planning this type of shit.

"Which region will be less impacted by the coming climate crisis: New Zealand or Alaska? ...Finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system and asked, “How do I maintain authority over my security force after the event?”"

Portland ICE Protesters Say Federal Agents Have Been Blasting “Walking Dead” Torture Song at Them for 10 Hours

And Democrats are calling ICE abolition an unrealistic position? These people are sadistic. These people are dangerous. They've mimed shooting protesters, beaten on, pepper sprayed, and terrorized demonstrators.

Just imagine what they are doing to folks in their cages, behind their doors...

This is what we're up against

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Massive planned starting on July 16 to target for 's deplorable working conditions

Solidarity with these workers and the countless people Jeff Bezos and Amazon execs exploit and oppress.

From @jshine1224 on twitter (RT'd by BLM Chicago):

"Demands that @BLMChi just named for the murder of :
- Name the officer who murdered Snoop
- Immediately press charges against this officer
- Fire this officer
- Name charges of battery against cops who brutalized protesters
- Drop charges against protesters"

At least I'm not getting ads for La Croix and local sleazebag democrats though. So i have that going for me...

Lol this is apparently facebook's read on my politics...

I just... i dont.... no response

Like... this is an actual ad on facebook. Thanks Mark Fuckerberg, but I dont want to buy weapons, and if I did I wouldn't be looking to conceal them. And in any goddamn case, it wouldnt be via facebook.

Charlene Carruthers (fb):
"The Chicago Police Department is a Gang. A legalized gang. They killed a Black man and beat people tonight on 71st and Jeffrey. They beat women with bats. They punched young people. They did all this after a white woman officer killed a Black man from the South Shore community. They had over 50 cops there for a group of us. Some of them had assault weapons. Our anger is righteous. And I don't care if your family member is a cop. The whole damn system is guilty as hell"

Lol, okay, I'm reeeeealy glad this person didn't get hurt, cause this coulda gone very diff.

But the reckless hero of the day award goes to the Scottish comrade violating a no-fly zone on a Trump golf course to rock a banner reading: "Trump: well below par"

I shit you not; this is real. And somehow this person didn't get shot

@djsundog upon closer inspection the disc was not "technology" at all, but rather 50 free hours of AOL internet

@d4klutz yeah, i was running it for a bit (using blender, unreal engine, unity, steam, etc). Certain things are pretty polished, but it's pretty astonishing how much is the same infuriating windows with its own unique and baffling quirks. Was cool they have ability to run linux subsystem but it was sooooo slow in my experience. VM feels like good compromise :)

Also I'm sure nvme, ryzen, ram and sweet cpu disguised a lot of the performance pain. Windows update ad infitum 😢

@d4klutz oh... yeah, that's plenty. Even with bulky ass windows 10 i allocate 4G. Not running anything too intense so i can't promise it'll work as well for GPU heavy stuff, but yeah, looked pretty clean to me at 1920x1080. I'll have to try something on steam to see what's up there