@garbados omg, this is literally first time I've installed / used this. lol, had heard about it obviously, but awesome; thanks for motivation!

night comrade :)

@Setsuna lol, glad to hear, cause otherwise that new user was super sneaky and snuck in in the brief period I had it open. Closing it back down again :P

Glad it worked out. Lemme know if you want setsuna or have any friends who want to set up a chat handle on the orghub/orgsoc server :)

Really happy with converse on desktop. it's really nice; not sure what issue I had before, but it's looking great now. that and conversations; set! hope SecureChat works out well!

@Setsuna okay, you can totes register a new account now. I'll delete setsuna so you can recreate it if you want that one. lemme know when you're done so I can close it back up again (4 teh security) :flan_hacker:

@Setsuna no, lemme open it up to make accounts that way you can register and recreate it. want me to delete your old one?

@Setsuna lol, I try to stay away from front-end stuff so fortunately not. Just was curious to look at this user interface on iOS for this little app I'm developing.

lol, the day I have to own an iphone and a tablet and an old windows mobile for a job is the day I quit programming :P

@Setsuna sorry conversejs*
pw changing works great on conversations. sorry for rando tech headaches. Some of this xmpp functionality is newer so clients lag with adoption. SecureChat looks good; sorry, wish I had a copy so I could test.

I'm gonna see about a virtual iOS thing. Kinda wanted that to test a work thing anyways

@Setsuna ohhhhh I don't have an iphone so I can't unfortunately otherwise I would love to help. That link seems to say it's under "Menu > Settings > Account". Hopefully should be possible.

Just checked on conversationjs, and unfortunately not supported on there yet, but yeah. sorry for any difficulties. I could probly add a form on OrgHub to be able to update that, but then I'd have to set you up with an OrgHub login, and I feel like you've managed enough login info cuz of me :P

@Setsuna wait so you dont have access anymore? Want me to reset pw / send it to you. Lol sry confused

@Setsuna depends on client but there should be a preferences / settings / account area. I've def done it with conversations but not familiar with others. You still on securechat?

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Critical public service announcement from facebook...

QR codes are so useful and yet so underappreciated.

@redoak lol I went a little with account email updates but I can attest that this is immensely cathartic. Axed gmail for protonmail, deleted acct entirely, then moved off AWS and killed Amazon acct.

You can def make it happen and it feels fucking fantastic!

That moment when you realize aren't actually magic and they're just tiny square images that you can add arbitrarily to the ... :flan_think:

:taco_bell: :joint: :bic:

Oh you better believe is organizing us a proper 420 emojo set. Credits to original artists where applicable in our instance description

cc/ @Wewereseeds

@pamela yeah, I wanna look more at generating glossy effects, but all that got surprisingly complicated very quickly. I'm like uhh, turbulence? color matrix? composite blend octaves? what in the actual fuck? Just give me the shiny filter :P

So spoiled, I remember blender's tools around all that are fucking phenomenal, ability to do stuff with materials, lighting, etc. god I gotta get back to that.

Thanks for tips! Legit looking fwd to making more; it's cathartic as well as interesting :)

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Thanks Ian Ransley of Noun project (thenounproject.com/search/?q=j). Added a credit to our instance description.

Grab your :bic: 's frens, cause is bringing plenty of :joint: to the

@polymerwitch @pamela This is awesome, thanks! Didn't see this before. lol, I wish I had $2 and not -$200, but I'll add attribution text (in accordance with usage) and hit the artist back later for sure :)

@pamela suffered through a sad first emoji attempt with inkscape. Trying to learn the basics for some fun additions.

If you know of good inkscaping learning resources, lemme know. lol I obv gotta do some more intentional studying there because making tiny / cute images is incredibly hard. props to you and your gorgeous flan!

:bic: was about all I could muster for now. lol dunno why I spent so much time on the letters "Lit" in place of Bic, cause there noooo way that shows up :P

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Mastodon is a decentralized, but federated network. This means that when you join organizing.social, you get to interact with everyone you choose to on the wider Mastodon network; but you also get to see locally scoped content (from this instance) and help build a network particularly focused on building community and organizing those around us against oppressive systems and towards a society rooted in equity and global justice.

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