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Hahahahaha, sorry, but yeah, when you take roles as Japanese characters and steal parts from trans folks (who never get cast in cis roles), you have this coming...

via fb:

"To merely is to shuffle around their roles and responsibilities to other agencies within the array of bureaucratic assemblages—embassies, armies, CIA agents—that exert the state’s force against those who lack US citizenship. These assemblages will continue to exist even if you elect a socialist to your local city council."

"Now that we are in democracy “within what is possible” according to the former Chilean president Patricio Alywin, the politicians and liberals exclaim: “To make a change, you should go out and vote!” How can we vote out the asshole working the visa desk at the local US Embassy? Did anyone actually vote in the jerk at the consulate who interviews foreigners for five minutes to decide if they are likely to overstay their visa for economic or familial reasons?"

Really critical read...

"These occupations are occurring while politicians are preparing for election campaigns; many will undoubtedly promise a more humane yet still “sensible” immigration policy in order to get votes. We wish to share one thing that is clear throughout the West: Electoral politics is not a path to survival. As long as the United States has existed, its borders have cleaved families apart."

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God bless precipitation. Rain all over this nationalist parade. Please , pour for us.

So fucking sick of my dog being terrified. Also the United States.

Happy 4th
Our "forefathers" were slaveholders, patriarchs and mass murderers.

*burns flag

Very impressed by ppl's restraint

Lol, cause I feel like if I saw Jeff Sessions or Mike Pence in a restaurant I'd be struggling with some diff philosophical questions:
If I bite him will I transfigure into a dog, just confuse ppl and trot away? Or maybe this spork is really SPEAR OF JUSTICE and i shouldnt slip too hard on the, ummm... juice

Credit to the diplomats who ruin the meals of Trump bootlickers with less mess. I just got that angry, radioactive comic book squirrel stirring inside me

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Deportation, white supremacy Show more

"News" agencies literally paid the white supremacist, authoritarian, hypocrite horror of a human being Melania Trump.

You cannot make this shit up. They paid _her_ for propaganda photo shoots favorable to administration.

If not , this is

Finally cleaning up my disaster of a room. It's funny, I'm pretty compulsive and love clean, elegant spaces, but it's amazing how hard things get de-prioritized when other shit is going in

I have bookshelves like a real adult and cubbies cuz fuck that I'll never grow up.

Can't wait to play Go in person sometime soon. Been loving playing online and learning, but I really don't want that part of me to just exist in a digital realm

For folks with screen readers, the text (from @pxdgdc on twitter) reads:

"A union carpenter is walking around camp at offering DHS/ICE agents jobs with the Carpenter’s Union if they turn in their badges & walk off the line.

You don’t have to kidnap children for a living. You could have a job with benefits, high pay, respect.

Just quit. "

Orig link:

This is fucking beautiful. A carpenter union member is at offering union positions to ICE agents willing to quit their jobs.

Oh yeah, this is an agency that has snuck $11 million for "transit police" (i know a hard amt to 'sneak' in w/ city commissioner complicity):

Oh yeah, and these transit pigs have no qualms about killing ppl either:

And when they're not busy killing ppl, they mostly just discriminating against Black and Brown folks

Trimet (an entity that is supposed to provide public transit for ppl) has jurisdiction over the area where demonstrators are curr camped.

This "public service" is now demanding protesters vacate, despite other agencies not wanting to carry this out. Spoke with their cust service line. Was not fun

This is no surprise from an agency more concerned with giving tickets and criminalizing poverty than providing transport

Call them if you can. Pressure matters:

Seriously, thanks to everyone boosting and following along. First time actually posting organizing things on and and it means a lot to me that ppl in the federation give a shit.

Let's get organized and fight y'all. PM me if you have any interest in finding an additional home for you or comrades at

Love and solidarity.

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