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Sooooo bloody psyched on . All my music and video, etc available everywhere with gorgeous UI and all sorts of flexibility? Yes, please!

Running on with the standalone install was super duper easy. :flan_hearts: :flan_headphones: :flan_hacker:

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Anyone ever successfully change their patreon email? I'm not receiving any email notifications in either the old or new account.

One of maybe 2-3 accounts using my gmail that I want to retire.


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The four eras of digital computing:

① Mainframe (centralised)

② Personal Computing (PC 1.0; decentralised)

③ Web/Cloud (Mainframe 2.0; centralised)

④ Peer Computing (PC 2.0; decentralised)

The PC 2.0 era is what some of us are working to usher in.


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when i log out of linux i'm like tty later

A proposed convention for engaging with posts on the fediverse:

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Hey, do you use @write_as ?

Do you want a comment box for your blog?

Good thing I wrote a tutorial on how to embed one, eh?

You can read it here:

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found a legit incredible blog about obscure electronic games. beautifully observed write-ups of tons of games i've never encountered, such as this 1988 game by an afro-caribbean woman about subvertng and overthrowing a slave plantation:

Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness

or a 2500+ level puzzle game that is almost literally impossible to complete:


just great

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Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty sworn in by the Hon. Adrienne Nelson of the Oregon Supreme Court. January 2, 2019.

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Houseless advocates celebrate Hardesty's position on Portland City Council. She declared her first priority is "doing something for houseless people," and said she will meet with them and seek their counsel.

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I get so much satisfaction from designing, managing servers and developing tools for my project.

Everyday, I feel like I get a bit closer to this wonderful solution where we completely control our media end to end.

It's hard as fuck and sometimes I get really frustrated, but it has been the most worthwhile project I've ever taken.

I've never been so sure about a particular project. I love working on this shit every day.

@nutomic @blog lol realizing this is a terrible name when it just shows up as "blog" in mentions. whatever... can def fix that later

Omg, I have a now!!

And it even federates! seriously is beautiful and you should check it out if you've been looking for a simple and elegant publishing platform. So appreciate the ethos and model of it

Thanks @nutomic for the inspiration with your beautiful post about the Zapatistas

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A few days ago I visited the Zapatista region in Mexico. The Zapatistas are anarchists who revolted against the government in 1994, and still control a large area. I finally managed to write a blog post about my visit, and it includes some nice art from their town.

There are a lot of pictures, so maybe don't open it on a mobile connection.

#ezln #zapatista #anarchism #socialism #communism #mexico

Hell. Yes. Check out these rad students from Portland Public School system fighting increased police presence and diversion of critical funds at their schools!

[“The millions of dollars in question could be used towards repairing our schools, as many are still lead and asbestos contaminated,” the group said. “The money could go toward trauma-informed school counselors, and training staff in restorative justice.”]

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Oh hi there access to news feed that doesn't suck or involve a bunch of tracking or bookmarks or web browser shenanigans.

Thanks so much to The Intercept for including the entire article in your feeds!

Do folks on here have any favorite feeds? (especially ones that include at least a good excerpt and not just a link to website which sorta defeats a lot of the purpose)

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OrgSpace is a social media instance on the Mastodon network built by, and for, community organizers. We believe social media is a critical tool for political education, relationship building, mobilizing folks; however, facebook, twitter and other mainstream networks have opted time and again for profit and commercializing personal data regardless of the consequences.

Mastodon is a decentralized, but federated network. This means that when you join, you get to interact with everyone you choose to on the wider Mastodon network; but you also get to see locally scoped content (from this instance) and help build a network particularly focused on building community and organizing those around us against oppressive systems and towards a society rooted in equity and global justice.

Setting up this instance has been a project of PDX Outreach for Justice, but we want this to be a global network of organizers and welcome moderators, admins, and engineers, and others who would be interested in contributing and shaping this process

Special thanks for the custom emoji:

  • @[email protected] for all the incredible custom flan emojis!
  • joint by Ian Ransley from the Noun Project