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will eat away at the same way they've harmed musicians and listeners.

Relatively independent artists make shit on streams via spotify (yes, plz buy albums if you can):

They just spent more than 200 million to buy media and are poised to start staking out territory in the podcast realm.

This does not leave me with warm and fuzzy feelings inside.

I know a lot of ppl musta been scraping by with a lot of uncertainty during the early parts of the project and hell yeah they deserve to be paid for excellent work, but goddamn, $230M?!

Why is that necessary? Obviously that's gonna entail a significant shift in their model and it feels damn sure it's not gonna improve accessibility. It's gonna be a mechanism to push more ppl to use spotify (lest they lose the podcasts they've come to love)

Fuuuuuck. Capitalism is gross.

Can we talk about buying ? Honestly this was long ago planned (if you listen to Startup), but can't help feeling really sad...

I have especially cherished Reply All, and I cringe to think of great podcasts locked behind Spotify's internet walls. ffs, good podcast app is like rss... it just works and you get to listen to things you care about. No fuckery

I fear this 200+ million dollar deal is gonna change a lot about this environment - and not for the better


US greeting authoritarians with open arms... Show more

is not an excuse to collaborate with cops

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

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FBI, psychological terror, crimes against civil rights leaders, rant Show more

FBI, psychological terror, crimes against civil rights leaders, rant Show more

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Facebook wants to own these markets, despite not having staff and mods who speak the local languages, despite having no plan to keep ppl safe, despite no regard for human rights or any qualms about enabling fascists and bigots.


[About 90 per cent of Facebook's market is overseas. In the Philippines, 95 per cent of people online use it, a popularity seen in other developing countries where it has become the primary way to communicate.]

Hearing so many discussions about facebook and privacy... despite the gross violations in this realm (cambridge analytica, data leaks, shameless advertising practices, etc), this is not what concerns me most about .

No, it's the human rights abuses and cozy relationships with authoritarian regimes. Read up on fb's impact in Myanmar and the Philippines.

Yeah fuck Zuckerberg. If he really gave a shit, he would prioritize safety over market dominance. Nope

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@ebassi I'm sorry, but I completely disagree with this conclusion.

As a black person who tries to push privacy, I push federation not for self-hosting, but for community-based hosting. It's a given that not everyone has the time or resources to put into hosting their own services. Federation empowers users to be able to trust their administrators or be them. This is invaluable for marginalized groups.

As a black person, it's a fact there are people who will attack me because of my blackness or because I speak to the issues black people face. On some centralized platforms, there wouldn't be recourse. I would have to hit report, wait for something to get through the moderation queue, and hope the user is banned. In a lot of cases, harassers are left on the platform.

With people like @[email protected] hosting communities for black people, all you have to do is DM your admin or a mod and they can prevent that user from harassing anyone else on the server.

Federation is not a "fuck you, got mine" system. It's a system we can use in order to protect each other.
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happening right now at Shields Library @ UC Davis. come join students and workers in resisting racial and police violence. #BlackLivesMatter #StephonClark #RecallDAShubert

Anybody running LineageOS and has had problems with making calls and / or adjusting phone settings?

I have a friend who's having issues and seeing the following error:
"Call settings error Network or SIM card error"

Any insights here? TIA

I'd love to get off android and onto a proper *nix phone as well, so very curious about a resolution here hopefully :O

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why i didn't go into netsec Show more

"Don't talk to cops" is not a bumper sticker to apply when convenient. It's a literal life practice gearing towards abolition of a violent, unaccountable, ineffective system of authoritarian oppression.

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