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Pretty sure my sweet, nervous, fragile pup likes my weighted blanket as much as I do.

Poor little boy misses his mom somethin fierce. Finally got him to eat and stray from couch watch (where he waits forlornly for that door to open). So sad; a week in eager doggo time is basically like an eternity

Fuck Amazon. DVDs ftw!

Just bought like 12 solid titles, (mostly bluray) for a song. Thanks CD Game Exchange!

The pup and I just finished Kung Fu Panda and now are on Despicable Me. Also how does OrgSoc not have a minion emoji?!

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I need to spend way less time reading news online and more time with revolutionary literature.

I passed by this McDonalds where on September 9th, 2016, we held a rad action to shut down McDonalds, hand out bag lunches, and educate people about prison slave labor. We even had a solitary housing unit, folks blocking the intersection, hundreds in attendance throwing down.

Just burst into tears. Shit is dark times but together we are so strong. We need to build power and focus on each other

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Portland police union president blames low recruit numbers on "anti-police sentiment." Disproportionate policing of the homeless, racial disparities in arrests, excessive force against protesters, & police killing people might have something to do with it.

Atheist praying for Netanyahu's defeat. This racist, violent, authoritarian who is about to be indicted for bribery / fraud... if there is any hope for peace for the region, war criminals like this HAVE TO GO.

Praying for peace; all love and solidarity to Palestinian and Jewish comrades opposing these atrocities.

Mother fuck Benjamin Netanyahu. War monger. Racist. May your electoral defeat be followed by a trial for your many crimes.

Press release from Innovation Law Lab:

[“We are grateful that the court has ended the forcible return policy because it was illegal, inhumane, and, most importantly, put people’s lives in danger” said Stephen W Manning, the Director at Innovation Law Lab. The decision also finds that the Migrant Protection Protocols do not satisfy the United States’ obligations to avoid returning asylum seekers to a country where their life or freedom would be threatened...]


This is huge. The Trump administration's "remain in mexico" policy is obscenely inhumane, illegal, and we are successfully challenging it.

Fantastic fucking news!

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Is there a way to report users/instances on #Friendica? I like Friendica, but I've already started getting harassed by people from diaspora for mentioning antisemitism (which is ironic). it's only one so far, but it's foreboding.

Freshly minted! his last one broke off and got lost at the park.

What a handsome, perfect boy.
Time for a walk

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Evaluating substance use, positive life changes, mention of alcohol Show more

Hell yeah Chicago!

[On Tuesday night Chicago voters elected at least three socialists to City Council, crumbling the neoliberal Democratic machine of outgoing Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Three members of the Democratic Socialists of America won their runoff races, joining two others who won outright last month — adding up to the highest number of socialists City Council has seen in more than a century.]

"You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul. What I say is true; anyone can cook. But only the fearless can be great"

Ratatouille is easily amongst my favorite movies.

So good. <3

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